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Nutrition's My Life Podcast

Apr 25, 2023

Do you drink dairy or eat dairy products?


Did you know that certain types of dairy can be more beneficial than the conventional dairy? 


On today's episode at Nutrition's My Life Podcast, we're talking A2 dairy! What is A2 dairy? What are the health benefits of choosing A2 over conventional dairy? Why is A2 a good choice? 

If you're reading this and like, Nicole, I have no clue what you're talking about. No worries, I didn't know that much about A2 dairy and I'm a dietitian! It wasn't until the Alexandre Family shared their knowledge did I realize how important this type of dairy could be for so many people! 

You can learn more about the Alexandre Family Farm by visiting their website and can find their dairy and keifer locally by going to their website and searching find products 

I found my A2 Alexandre Family products at Sprouts near me!