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Nutrition's My Life Podcast

Jan 14, 2022

If prescribed a thyroid medication, you might know how important the timing of the medication can be for it's effectiveness. This is due to food and other medications could prevent thyroid medication from being absorbed properly. 

In today's episode of the Nutrition's My Life Podcast, I'm sharing with you something really interesting that I stumbled upon. I was watching a tiktok video of this thyroid warrior sharing an experience she had with taking her thyroid medication at night. It made me want to investigate immediately! As an RD, I'm trained in nutrient drug interactions and knowing the proper timing of meals to medications is kinda my job ;). 

Finds out, it works just as good at night as taking it in the morning and for some people- taking their thyroid medication at night works better for them! This has to do with the intestinal motility (aka the pushing motion that pushes food through your digestive tract). See... I told you everything stems back to gut health lol. 

Enjoy today's episode and if you do, share it with someone that this would benefit or leave a review! I'd love to know you're learning from this podcast!

P.S. For my loyal listeners; thanks for being patient with me while I moved and spent time with my family. I'm back and will continue to provide you with weekly podcast episodes :)