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Nutrition's My Life Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

Do holiday gatherings overwhelm you?
Are you worried if you can eat the meal being served?
What do you do if you overeat?
Should you workout longer and harder the next day?
Should you skip breakfast before Thanksgiving?

The holidays typically mean lots of delicious food and for someone on their health journey, this can be intimidating. You may worry that you'll screw up your progress or that you'll mess everything up. 

On today's episode of the Nutrition's My Life Podcast, I'm helping you let go of fear and enjoy yourself this holiday season. 

As a Registered Dietitian, you have my permission to enjoy yourself this holiday season! That includes eating the pie and adding gravy to your mashed potatoes!! 

On this episode you'll also learn that "giving yourself grace" is much more impactful than fretting over the calories you ate. 


Have fun with family and friends this holiday season,