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Nutrition's My Life Podcast

Jan 8, 2021

Have you given up on feeling good?

I used to think "Of course I'm sick... There's always something wrong with me" however the thing I didn't realize at the time was I was causing part of my problems by trying to be Supermom!

I thought I had to do it all and kept comparing myself to others, "How come she's all put together and looks like no health issues?". It was so defeating until I accepted that I am a HEALTH WARRIOR and simply need to do things a bit differently. 

Once I changed my perspective my body was able to start healing and repairing itself. NOW, I'm able to recognize what my body is needing. 

Boundaries and limits are necessary. They are healthy. 

Learn more on how to heal the body through the Mind Your Gut Program. This is a  self paced course that will walk you step by step over 4 weeks towards a healthy mindset and digestive tract (which will have a domino affect on hormones, weight loss, anxiety & inflammation reduction etc).  Join the Mind Your Gut program here. 

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